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ST400 M stacker

Cab Squix has accessories.

ST400 M stacker

Printed materials can be cut and then collected. Print jobs stop if the maximum number of labels have been collected. Limitations may occur with stiff or curved materials. cab recommends to have such operations tested.



 Stacker providing a cutter ST400 M
Operated withSQUIX 4.3 M, SQUIX 4 M, SQUIX 4.3 MT, SQUIX 4 MT
Material Width20-100 mm
Material Weight60-300 gr/m2
Material Thickness0,05 – 0,8 mm
Cutting length20-150 mm
Performance100 cuts/min
Printing stops ifno final cutter position, paper jam, cover open, limit of collecting
Limit of collecting100 mm
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