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Etiketiprinterite tarkvara - CodeSoft


CodeSoft is Brady’s software offer for advanced barcode label design and integration. CodeSoft is the professional solution for the most complex barcode and labelling projects. It allows users to design and print custom labels for product identification and tracking.

Codesoft is the flagship of printing and designing a label. It ables to print text, pictures, different figures, barcodes and place these on a freely choosed location on the label. If necessary, it is possible to take the printable information from an external database or file (Notepad, MS Excel, MS Access etc.) and later on when printing, if the information has changed in the database, you don’t have to change the design. Info will be automatically taken from the corresponding file. Codesoft Lite, Pro, Enterprise RFID are the different versions of the program based on the demand that has been put on the software.

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