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Positive patient identification is the foundation of patient safety. From patient admission and throughout the hospital patient care journey, accurately matching the patient to the correct medication, specimen, test and procedure is critical to positive outcomes. Thermal wristbands use bar code technology to help prevent human errors, improve patient safety and enhance workflow.

Easy and versatile

Easy loading and replacement of rolls. Choose the wristband size you need from wide range of thermal bands to fit all sizes of patients, from the smallest newborn babies to the largest adults.

Convenient and comfortable

Easy for caregivers to apply on patients. Light and smooth against the patient’s skin.

Efficient and reliable

Consistently accurate scan reliability improves workflow efficiency, optimizes patient safety and provides convenience for caregivers who can focus more time on caring for their patient.

Quick and durable

Produce on demand barcoded patient ID in a blink of an eye. Get crisp, fast and durable imprints that maintain effectiveness throughout the patient’s full stay.

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