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Label materials

You can label your work clothes, rental linens and other textile materials with a printer. Heat seal labels consist of fabric fibres, polyurethane and pressure and heat sensitive adhesive. Label is covered with special materials to allow thermal transfer printing. Available in continuous tape and as die cut labels.

HiQ materials can be printed with CAB eos1 and a4+ label printers. The soft, strong tapes have been developed to give the adhesion required for the laundry industry when using thermal transfer printers.

The Hytex label is made of smooth HiQ-material with a self-adhesive back and can be preprinted in any colour. It is resistant to heavy industrial cleaning.

Mediron has been developed for Thermal Transfer printing to label personalized garments and flatwork for nursing homes.

No marking tape has ever been so supple, thin and comfortable for the wearer!

Med-Low labels are thin, supple, and comfortable for the wearer. Med-Low labels can be applied with a domestic iron, making them ideal for us even on delicate articles.

Temporary, removable tags require a special low-temperature tape. They come in 11 colours enabling you to add a colour system to printed codes.

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