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Inkjet printers

Inkjet label printers can print durable, full colour signs, labels and tags for indoor use. Easily create the full colour labels and signs needed with the BradyJet printers to communicate safety information, procedures, facility identification and a variety of other applications to reduce workplace accidents and to increase productivity.

The portable 12 is the perfect solution for marking away from the production line. Next generation technology of the in-line cleverly adapted to create a compact, mobile printer. This uniquely flexible printer delivers outstanding print results in whatever location you need to mark – whether that’s in a warehouse or out on a building site.

Barcodes, datamatrix codes, texts and logos are printed in crisp, high-quality-resolution up to 600 dpi, while the positioning laser ensures accuracy. edding’s broad range of ink types means you can print on almost any material.

The printer’s superb reliability ensures maximum up time as no technician or maintenance is required. No maintenance costs also mean you achieve true cost-per print. The 4Ah Metabo battery that comes with the edding portable will keep you printing for up to 12 hours.

The BradyJet J2000 is a practical and easy to use, full colour inkjet label printer that can print reliable, high resolution signs, facility and laboratory sample labels. With 26.4 by 38.9 cm dimensions, the BradyJet J2000 has a small footprint and is very practical and easy to use. Spring loaded Brady label rolls can be switched in less than 20 seconds and with automatic label set up, the printer is ready to print in no time. And with up to 63 mm per second print speed, even larger colour coded labels can quickly be printed on demand.

The BradyJet J5000 colour label printer allows to print full colour safety signs & labels in a few seconds. Brady’s inkjet printer quickly prints safety signs, lean labels and pipe markers at location and on demand. The J5000 combines high print speed and full colour printing with a durable material range for indoor safety signs.

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