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Heat seal equipment

Thermopatch makes a broad variety of heat seal machines designed to heat seal labels, patches, emblems and hot paper transfers for use in the laundry and textile manufacturing and maintenance industries.

The NL-24 Pro is one of Thermopatch’s most practical heatseal machines. With a design aimed at the demanding user: thanks to the extra workspace around the lower platen a heatseal job with large or thicker garments can be processed smoothly.

The machine is operated with a foot pedal. In use both hands are free, which facilitates the work. The integrated graphical display is easy to operate. Features such as press time and temperature can be entered quickly. The machine is equipped with an energy-saving mode and emergency stop.

The HS-21 offers you the latest in heat seal technology and is ideal for small and medium production needs or where a portable solution is required.

The HS-4-C is a light, compact desktop heat seal press that can seal labels, emblems and transfers onto textiles. The HS-4-C saves time by automatically opening on completing its cycle.

The NL-15 heat seal press combines advanced technology with modern ergonomic design. It heats up quickly and automatically enters energy saving mode when not used for a while. If linen rental is your business, operators will welcome this sophisticated press which can significantly increase output.

The NL-30 is a hand operated heat seal press that opens and swings away automatically after the sealing cycle is completed. Able to seal areas of 400 mm x 450 mm.

The DP2000T provides low cost, high speed basic heat sealing, roll transfers and direct printing. Ideal for direct printing of property marking, branding, coding and care label instructions.

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