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Work and enviromental safety

Graphic printers

Printers, for which the main objective is not to print identifying information (bar codes, serial numbers), but to provide visual information.

The BradyJet J2000 is a practical and easy to use, full colour inkjet label printer that can print reliable, high resolution signs, facility and laboratory sample labels. With 26.4 by 38.9 cm dimensions, the BradyJet J2000 has a small footprint and is very practical and easy to use. Spring loaded Brady label rolls can be switched in less than 20 seconds and with automatic label set up, the printer is ready to print in no time. And with up to 63 mm per second print speed, even larger colour coded labels can quickly be printed on demand.

The BradyPrinter S3100 Sign and Label Printer is extremely easy to use and features auto-calibration and automatic label material setup. This will enable you to just walk up to the printer and start printing the signs and labels you need. Switching to another label material is easy and extremely fast thanks to the printer’s ‘drop-in’ label materials and matching ink ribbons that can be switched out in less than 20 seconds. An intuitive user interface with touch screen offers a wide variety of sign & label design options, even when the printer is used in standalone mode.

The BradyJet J5000 colour label printer allows to print full colour safety signs & labels in a few seconds. Brady’s inkjet printer quickly prints safety signs, lean labels and pipe markers at location and on demand. The J5000 combines high print speed and full colour printing with a durable material range for indoor safety signs.

Brady’s BBP35 sign and label printer gives you the power to make signs and labels in the colours and shapes you need to make an impact – right at your own facility and right when you need them. The printer’s simple, automatic label setup and intuitive touchscreen enable users to make signs on demand.

Brady’s BBP37 sign and label printer’s simple, automatic label setup and intuitive touchscreen enable you to make signs on demand and on-site in any colour and shape. The BBP37 will cut out the shape you need!

The BBP85 Sign and Label Printer allows you to create up to 254 mm labels & signs in multiple colours. It features a large touchscreen and intuitive, easy to use interface.

The Brady MiniMark Industrial Label Printer offers an affordable sign and label making system that is compact, fast, and incredibly versatile. It is a simple monocolour graphic printer that knows most safety standards and instructs the user about the needed label and ribbon colours.

The Lighthouse CJ Pro is the printer that lets you take control of all your label and signage requirements. Easy to master, quick to use and incredibly versatile, you can use the Lighthouse CJ Pro to produce labels, pipe markers, Health & Safety signs, barcodes, nameplates and more.

Lighthouse CPM-100 can handle all kinds of applications, from signs and labels for education, retail and emergency services right through to the most demanding uses in engineering, pipe marking and chemical ID. You can easily create and cut hundreds of different shapes and custom-cut labels.

Unique, compact and really easy-to-use, the Lighthouse CM-200 is the new way to design and create exceptional quality signage in-house. The Lighthouse CM-200 is smaller than most ink-jet printers.

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