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Laboratory label identification


Printed laboratory labels, engineered specifically to identify samples, help avoid sample loss and a lot of frustration.

Avoid sample loss by identifying every sample in your lab with professional laboratory labels. They are precise, reliable, efficient and the labels

Exhibitions in 2024


In 2024, we look forward to seeing you at:

April 11th – Baltic Security Conference in Riga, where you can meet with Brady Corporation.


May 15th-17th – Balttechnika 2024 in Vilnius, where the Signiti sales team will …

The most common mistake when setting up a printer!


The most common mistake, that clients can make, is not using the correct combination of material and ribbon!

Are you using the right ribbon with your material?” This is the number one question we ask from our …

5 Steps to a Safer Workplace!


To ensure the safety of personnel working with machines and equipment or around it, every company should implement these safety measures. Have you heard of LockOut/TagOut/TryOut?

What is LockOut/TagOut/TryOut (LoToTo)?

LockOut – Involves applying LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) units and locks to …

We are on collective vacation! Happy holidays!


Signiti will be on a collective vacation from 25.12.2023 to 01.01.2024!l!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Solutions for electrical workers


Couple of solutions for electrical workers.

How to efficiently save your time with labelling your cables or electrical panels? We have a variety of printers that can make electrician work easier:

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