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This series features our flagship industrial barcode label printer with premium printhead technology, fast processor, and memory capacity to print high quality labels at the fastest speeds.

  • Sophisticated TSC Sense Care – The TSC TPH Care Mechanism offers an advanced level of auto-detection ensuring real-time printhead health status, to monitor and prevent down.
  • Dynamic Remote Printer Management – SOTI Connect and TSC Console provide enterprise remote printer management on multiple tasks to reduce maintenance costs and avoid downtime of business-critical devices.
  • Multi-Connectivity – GPIO offers support to common applicators and emulations along with an optional 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 4.2 combo module.
  • Highly Adaptable to Various Media – can adapt to various media lengths and widths.
  • Brilliant User Experience – can easily adjust the media near-end sensor to detect the media and remind users to change the media roll on color GUI display.


Resolution:600 dpi
Compatibility:Ethernet, GPIO, Parallel port, Serial RS-232, USB, USB Host, Bluetooth MFi, Wi-Fi with Bluetooth
Max. print speed:152 mm/s
Max. print width:104 mm
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