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Name badges

Re-usable name badges are an excellent solution for companies with a lot of service staff or where people work in shifts. The badges provided by Signiti have a quickly changeable name part, which makes your badges re-usable.

As opposed to the common plastic or metal engraved badge, we offer an alternative, where the whole name badge can be used to carry your corporate identity. The regular name badge is more attractive when laminated, has an interesting shape or is totally designed according to your company’s marketing strategies.

There are three main things to consider when choosing badges:

  • The design
  • The name part
  • The fastener


The design

The badges will be produced according to your marketing objectives. It is possible to print the badge using your corporate colours, the logo or just any picture. There is an option for a more distinguished badge with an added layer.

The name part

A single line fits just the name of the employee, and a wider space can place the name and the position or the company name. Interchangeable name part is cost effective when it comes to changing personnel.

The fasteners

If you care for a hassle-free attachment for the badges, we recommend a magnetic fastener. Besides being easy to use, it prevents damage to the workwear and corporate clothing. In addition to the magnets there are other kinds of fasteners available – jewellers pins, croclips, cropins and even rotating cropins.


Tahvlipinnaga nimesildidChalkboard badges – the fun, cost effective reusable solution

Your logo can be pre-printed in full colour and the rest of the badge is covered in a chalkboard surface that can be hand-written on with liquid chalk pens. The resulting blackboard effect has a friendly, but professional look that is ideally suited for cafes. Liquid chalk pens dry quickly so text does not smudge or rub off, yet can easily be rubbed out with the cleaning cloth provided.

Chalkboard badges are a convenient, friendly, flexible, professional and effective solution that leaves room for creativity, without the need of software and printers.


Approximate ordering time is 2-4 weeks.

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