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Corporate ID

Corporate ID is very important for public image. This is why it needs to look presentable even after wrinkling and machine-washing.

Highlight any product quickly and easily with our economical hot transfers with clear and sharp images, which keep their appearance wash after wash. Thermomark is ideal for applying trademarks, logos or decorative designs and more.

Open your eyes to a new world of textile decoration with Ready Emblems. Perfect for company logos and event branding, emblems can be produced quickly in any colour, nearly any shape and can even contain a photographic image.

Flextrans is a heat seal transfer printed on a clear carrier that flexes with the fabric. Flextrans transfers are ideal for sportswear, Lycra garments and other stretch fabrics such as promotional polo, sweat and
T-shirts because of their flexibility.

Truflex is a supple transfer that follows the folds of the garment. Truflex is ideal for heavy use corporate workwear such as garments used by the armed forces, emergency services and companies in the security and safety industry.

Starlight is the ideal transfer for decorating promotional T-shirts and polo shirts for bars and nightclubs. The pearls in the product produce a reflection that is particularly impressive on light printed apparel.

Company clothing is an important aspect of what today is often called the ‘corporate identity’. Fashionable representative garments and uniforms contribute to a positive, professional image.

Thermocrest emblems have been a popular choice for professional clothing since the mid-sixties. Manufactured from a supple poly-cotton fibre which contributes to its characteristic texture and appearance, it is highly resistant to extreme washing.

The increasing emphasis on employee health and safety has seen clothing with reflective material assume greater importance. Thermopatch reflective emblems and plotter transfers are ideal for those who work outside at night or in poor visibility such as the emergency services and maintenance engineers.

High visibility emblems are produced on the same grade of textile as Thermocrest but have a high visibility finish instead of the normal white finish. High visibility colours make firemen, policemen and rescue workers easy to see and recognise.

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