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Marking of products and people


Work and enviromental safety


Labels can be pre-printed or empty, so the customers can print the necessary information according to their own needs. We offer a wide variety of standard-sized labels and custom labels.

We offer different compliancy labels - CE, RoHS, WEEE etc.

Security labels are used to detect product tampering or exposure to water. We offer warranty labels, that leave a mark or break easily.

There are many options for labelling cables. Regular labels are not good enough, because wire markers need to stay on round surfaces.

Inspection labels are used to show, when a device or equipment was last inspected or calibrated. Available in different sizes, colors and materials.

Lab materials need to withstand different conditions than regular labels. Tamper-evidence labels are also available for lab bottles.

Labels meant for control panels and devices must be durable and must not peel off after time.

Brady temperature-indicating materials provide a permanent record of the highest temperature reached on a piece of equipment.

Labels used in electronical components need to be small and sometimes withstand high temperatures. or even be electrostatic dissipative.

General identification and asset tracking materials must be durable and stick to almost any industrial environment surface.

Give every asset a unique, digital identity. Track and manage assets more efficiently in complex industrial environments with fully customisable RFID labels that can fit any surface. Reliable, industrial-grade labels with either long range UHF frequency, short range NFC, or both frequencies combined in a single label. Your choice will enable you to improve item supply chain management, authentication and even end-user engagement via scanners, via smartphones, or both.

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