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Work and enviromental safety

Area marking

Area marking includes everything from extra durable floor marking tapes to luminescent signs and anti-skid materials. Also see the floor marking guide!

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Anti-Skid tape with high degree of friction helps to prevent slipping and falling on wet or slippery floors.

ToughStripe products are ideal for marking aisles, passageways and storage locations, and pointing out important safety equipment and egress paths. ToughStripe floor tape offers superior durability, easy application and high visibility.

The main idea of 5S is to be organised and for things to be easily found.  Mark the locations of tools and equipment, direct people with signs and colours etc.

Use the Easyline Applicator and paint to create clean precise line for clear demarcation lines of factory floors and warehouses.

Photoluminescent signs will illuminate an escape route or important message when there is a power failure or when light sources are obscured by smoke.

Minimal marking is an effective and economical way to mark areas. Clearly visible and understandable shapes help in organising warehouses and storage spaces. Wide selection of colours for implementing own systems.

Barricade potentially hazardous areas indoors or outdoors with portable plastic posts and chains. Create an even safer environment by using universal signs.

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