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Tööohutus - Hoiatuspostid

Posts and Stands

Barricade potentially hazardous areas indoors or outdoors with portable plastic posts and chains. Create an even safer environment by using universal signs.

Hollow base of posts can be filled with water or sand for more stable application.

Triibulised ohutuslindidLong-lasting barricade tape is stronger than ordinary tapes. No stretch or sag in sunlight or wind. 2 colours , 100 m rolls.
Tugevast materjalist lintFlagger tape. Tug each end of the strong barrier tape to allow strips to detach and hang down giving a greater visual warning. 250 m rolls.
Maa-alune hoituslintUnderground warning tape is buried 30 to 45 cm below ground level. Digging crews receive warning of buried lines and cables, allowing a margin of safety between the tape and the buried line. Tensile strength of 1750 psi (119 atm).
PiirdedInterlocking at their hands and feet, The Brady Boys offer an attractive alternative for barricading hazardous areas. Blank or with pre-printed “Caution … Out of service”. Height 1050 mm.
HoiatusstendidPre-printed and blank floor stands. We can print the necessary text to the blank stands.
Iseliimuvad turvapehmendusedSelf-adhesive safety bumpers increases safety in the workplace. Also available in photoluminescent on black.
HoiatuspostidPlastic warning posts and chains are ideal for controlling and directing foot traffic. Suitable for warehouses, factories, offices etc. Available in different colours.


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