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Anti-Skid products

Anti-Skid tape with high degree of friction helps to prevent slipping and falling on wet or slippery floors. Anti-slip tape is perfect for areas that may pose a possible hazard.

Libisemisvastane mattAnti-skid cleats. Installation is easy, just peel off the protective liner and press in place.
Libisemisvastane matt tekstigaHazard marking cleats. The anti-skid tape provides traction on slick floors, while the printed message signals a visual warning. “Caution” and “Watch your step”.
Libisemisvastane matt helkurtriibugaReflective and Glow-in-the-dark cleats. Provides an extra margin of safety at night, during blackouts or in low light conditions.
Libisemisvastane teipStriped anti-skid tape. This bright yellow and black triped anti-skid tape aids visibility.
Libisemisvastased teibidRoll-mounted anti-skid tape. Works indoors or outdoors. Withstands grease and oil. Available in different (plus fluorescent) colours.
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