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Photoluminescent signs

High quality photoluminescent safety signage can be used to clearly mark obstacles or aisles for fast evacuation, even in case of a total blackout. Photoluminescent materials charge themselves, and do not require inspection or maintenance.

A safety evacuation plan makes sure you can get your employees out fast if things go wrong. When an entire office building or production plant goes dark, highly visible safety signage, like photoluminescent signs and markers, increases your chances to get everybody out without injuries.

When accurately placed, high quality photoluminescent signage, will still glow to guide firemen through your site to combat disaster after the evacuation is complete.

Photoluminescent materials are divided into classes, depending on their brightness after 10 minutes (time to evacuate) and 60 minutes (e.g. firemen or electricians working) in the dark.

Järelhelendava efektiga suunanooledDirectional arrows with a strong afterglow effect in case of power failure. Size 100 x 3 cm, 100 x 6 cm.
Suunanooled rullisGlow-in-the-dark arrow tapes. V-style or arrow-style. Two widths.
Helendav teipGlow-in-the-dark warning tapes. Self adhesive photoluminescent warning tape. 2 widths.
Clip-nooledLight Clip arrows. Glow-in-the-dark safety way guidance system that fixes onto tube lighting casings. They almost go unnoticed in normal conditions, but glow to indicate the shortest way to an emergency exit when the lights are off.
Jalajäljed põrandaleGlow-in-the-dark footprints. Right and left feet both available.
Helendavad nooledGlow-in-the-dark arrows. Size 75 mm. Standard package 100 arrows.
Järelhelendav ukselingi asukoha näitajaDoor handle backgrounds. 10 x 25.5 cm.
Libisemiskaitsega suunanooled põrandalePhotoluminescent arrows. Self-adhesive.
Noolte komplektPhotoluminescent individual arrows and dots.
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