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5 Steps to a Safer Workplace!

To ensure the safety of personnel working with machines and equipment or around it, every company should implement these safety measures. Have you heard of LockOut/TagOut/TryOut?

What is LockOut/TagOut/TryOut (LoToTo)?

LockOut – Involves applying LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) units and locks to energy control points. This physically prevents the operation of machinery or equipment.

TagOut – Involves applying information tags to energy control points. These tags provide crucial information about the locked-out equipment, including details about the maintenance or repair work being performed.

TryOut – Refers to the verification process to ensure that the lockout is successful. Personnel involved in the lockout procedure must confirm that the energy-controlling device is fully isolated before any maintenance or servicing work begins.


What are the 5 steps for implementation of LoToTo?

  1. Create a company policy: The company needs to have a writen policy that stipulates that LoToTo
    should be used
  2. Create procedures: Should contain detailed information on how LoToTo should be performed on
    each equipment
  3. Identify energy controling devices: All energy controlling devices that is to be isolated and locked
    must be identified with a label/tag to easily be detectable when performing a Lockout
  4. Train personnel: All personnel need training in how to use LoToTo and why. Repeated training is
  5. Implement lockout products: Equip personnel with the lockout devices needed to be able to
    perform LoToTo in accordance with the procedures

All lockout work requires the use of three components:

Component 1:

LOTO-unit isolates the energy controling device.



Component 2:
LOTO-lock must be used to prevent unauthorized personnel to gain access to the lock and/or unit.





Component 3:

Information tag are needed to inform about the lockout. Gives information on who’s doing the Lockout and the duration of it.




For conclusion, responsibility of the company is to:
• Create policy and procedures for all potentially dangerous equipments
• Ensure that all procedures are kept up to date and revised regularly
• Train personnel on how to use the procedures and lockout devices
Responsibilty of the employee is to:
• Follow the policy and LoToTo procedures
• Notify responsible persons on any fault discovered in a procedure

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