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RFID label printer Cab Squix

SQUIX label printers integrating UHF RFID options enable highest industrial reliability in processes related to writing and printing RFID labels.

Three UHF RFID modules are provided as options, each optimized for a specific class of RFID labels: common RFID tags, on-metal RFID tags and mini RFID tags

A UHF RFID option qualifies already for a wide range of RFID labels. In addition, cab supports the development and qualification of customized solutions.

Comprehensive periphery and excellent programmability further qualify SQUIX UHF RFID label printers for solutions based on applications.

Next to RFID technology, cab supports the latest communication interfaces such as OPC UA and WebDAV, enabling a printer integrate to complex logistics systems.

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RFID-related functions

RFID UHF antennas

Optimized antennas are provided for any application:

  1. Standard antenna to cover a wide range of common RFID tags
  2. On-Metal antenna for on-metal tags
  3. High Sensitivity antenna for tags requiring special signal demands

RFID features

Tag calibration
Read/write positions and performances, at which the RFID printer can write and read a tag best possible, can be determined for many common RFID tags.

Characteristic curves for calibration may be printed as well as label profiles.

On-the-fly reading of tag contents
Contents such as TID, EPC, User Memory can be read on the fly on the RFID printer and displayed by the GUI.

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