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Achieving safe work environment is not just a one-off activity, but a daily collective effort and work. It is also a good opportunity to save costs, because the safety of the workers is ensured and there’s no downtime caused by accidents.

tööohutusWorkplace safety depends on a number of factors

It’s simply not possible to give a full assessment just by a single glance. One option is to have a full work environment audit, but you can start with less. We suggest thinking through the following questions:

  1. Are dangerous areas and escape routes marked?
  2. Is the equipment regularly inspected and maintained?
  3. Are the energy sources locked during maintenance work on the equipment?
  4. Are appropriate solutions available to prevent leaks?

If it turns out that the means to make the work environment safe are not used to a sufficient extent, you must act quickly by identifying potential hazards and selecting the right solutions.

It is necessary to remove oil and other leaks from the floors to prevent falls. It is worth marking safe walkways, truck driving areas, obstacles and dangerous or forbidden areas. In addition to floor markings, it is also useful to use visually effective safety signs for information. Containers and pipes containing different hazardous substances must also be marked.

tööohutus - lukusta ja märgistaThe next step is the condition of the equipment. Consistent inspection and maintenance of the ladder is generally cheaper than the health of a worker who has fallen off a broken ladder. Equally important is making sure that the maintenance of equipment and machinery done safely. “Lockout / Tagout” solutions are very common, which allow different energy sources to be locked and marked with the necessary information during maintenance.

Go for Zero!

“Go for Zero” is a call to reduce the number of accidents at work to zero. It is not enough to have 10 accidents instead of the previous 20 at work, the issue needs constant attention. Of course, this does not mean that if in the first year you have not reached zero, you have failed. Making the work environment safe is a long-term process, but the ultimate goal should always be zero workplace accidents. That is why we are saying: „Go for Zero!“.

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