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Area marking

Area marking is a very important part of providing a safe work environment. One of the main product for it is marking tape. Marking tapes allow the marking and restricting of certain areas and therefore create a safer and well-managed environent.

ToughStripe põrandateibid
Floor marking tapes are intended for marking aisles and work or storage areas.
ToughStripe floor marking tapes are bright-coloured and easily applicable. Toughstripe also comes in “L”, T” or “+” shapes for even easier marking. Plus, you can add a customised text.
See the durability of ToughStripe from the forklift test!
Anti-skid tapes help in avoiding accidents caused by falling.
They are covered with thousands of particles of aluminium oxide, that allow to create a solid footing.
Libisemisvastased teibid
Pimedas helendavad teibidPhotoluminescent tapes are useful for marking danger zones and evacuation ways. They are easily visible even in total darkness and therefore allow to always find the right way.

All the tapes and area marking solutions are available in the catalogue.Alamarkeeringu kataloog
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