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LO/TO (Lockout/Tagout) has an extremely important role in work safety. It basically means that hazardous energy sources are locked out while servicing and a tag with relevant information is added.

It is possible to lock all the different energy source types: mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic etc. Here’s a short video about avoiding work related accidents when using LO/TO!

Just identify hazardous energy source, choose the right locking device, add a padlock, and all the maintenance will be done safely.
LO/TO - Lukusta ja märgista


LO/TO - Lukusta ja märgistaYou can add a tag to every lock, showing relevant information:

  • Who is doing the maintenance?
  • Duration of maintenance?
  • Safety instructions.


All the possible LO/TO solutions for reducing work related accidents are available in the catalogue.

LO/TO - Lukusta ja märgista
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