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Keskkonnaohutus - Spill Box sorbentide komplekt

Spill Box

Pads in bright and light reusable plastic box, that can be refilled.

  • Reusable plastic box can be refilled once all the sorbents have been used.
  • The Spill Box is light enough to be hanged to laboratory and storage area walls or to be attached to a forklift.
  • The bright yellow colour stands out for quick identification and use.
  • Various application areas: in liquid storage areas, behind the seat of a truck, lab environments, in workstations that deal with liquids.


Kits are available in three types:

  • Oil Only: For oil and petroleum based liquids.
  • Maintenance: For oil, water based and chemical liquids.
  • Chemical: For aggressive and hazardous liquids.

SA-SBO – Oil Only, adsorbs 10 L, 15 pads, 41 x 51 cm.
SA-SBA – Maintenance, adsorbs 10 L, 15 pads, 41 x 51 cm.
SA-SBH – Chemical, adsorbs 9 L pakendis, 10 pads, 41 x 51 cm.

Refills are also available.

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