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Photoluminescent signs

Photoluminescent signs will illuminate an escape route or important message when there is a power failure or when light sources are obscured by smoke.

Järelhelendava efektiga suunanooledElektrikatkestuse korral tugeva järelhelendava efektiga suunanooled. Leht 100 x 3 cm, 100 x 6 cm.
Suunanooled rullisGlow-in-the-dark arrow tapes. V-style or arrow-style. Two widths.
Helendav teipGlow-in-the-dark warning tapes. Self adhesive photoluminescent warning tape. 2 widths.
Clip-nooledLight Clip arrows. Glow-in-the-dark safety way guidance system that fixes onto tube lighting casings. They almost go unnoticed in normal conditions, but glow to indicate the shortest way to an emergency exit when the lights are off.
Jalajäljed põrandaleGlow-in-the-dark footprints. Right and left feet both available.
Helendavad nooledGlow-in-the-dark arrows. Size 75 mm. Standard package 100 arrows.
Järelhelendav ukselingi asukoha näitajaDoor handle backgrounds. 10 x 25.5 cm.
Libisemiskaitsega suunanooled põrandalePhotoluminescent arrows. Self-adhesive.
Noolte komplektPhotoluminescent individual arrows and dots.
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