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Pallet Truck and Powered Pallet Truck Tags

With the Pallet Truck Tag and Powered Pallet Truck Tag, you can increase legal compliance, support better pallet truck checks and share inspection results on the equipment itself to improve pallet truck safety. Our Pallet Truck Tag and Powered Pallet Truck Tag can be attached to pallet trucks for easy inspection and because they can store respectively up to 21 or 31 inspection results and inspector signatures on a removable insert.

On the reverse of each tag, an easy-to-follow operator checklist is included based on best practices to support quality equipment checks in order to achieve best-in-class equipment safety. Separate best practice checklists are available for pallet trucks and powered pallet trucks.

Both the Pallet Truck Tag and Powered Pallet Truck Tag holders can easily be fixed to pallet trucks with a cable tie or adhesive. This enables all relevant workers to see the latest equipment inspection status on the equipment itself. A signature from an authorised inspector will confirm the equipment was deemed safe to use after inspection. If the pallet truck did not pass inspection, authorised inspectors can remove the insert, leaving a clear ‘do not use’ message on the holder, informing coworkers they should use one of the other pallet trucks deemed safe to use.

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