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Keskkonnaohutus - Economy Spill Kit sorbentide komplekt

Economy Spill Kit

Portable kit for fast response to small spills in a high visibility bag.

  • Yellow PVC bag with handles for high visibility.
  • Compact size: Easy to put in a small storage area, behind or underneath the seat of a truck.
  • Ideal for carriers who occasionally transport small quantities of liquids.
  • Water-resistant, lightweight bag keeps sorbents dry.

Each kit is available in three types:

  • Oil Only: For oil and petroleum based liquids.
  • Maintenance: For oil, water based and chemical liquids.
  • Chemical: For aggressive and hazardous liquids.


10 pads, 41 cm x 51 cmOil Only18 L
2 socs, 7,6 cm x 122 cmMaintenance18 L
1 pair of glovesChemical16 L
1 disposal bag
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