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Solutions for electrical workers

Couple of solutions for electrical workers.

How to efficiently save your time with labelling your cables or electrical panels? We have a variety of printers that can make electrician work easier:

    • Portable printers – Print your labels or sleeves everywhere.
    • Wraptor – Print, wrap and apply in just seconds. Get automated efficiency with the Wraptor™ A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator.
    • Flagmaker – It automates the process of flagging cables – safely and within seconds. Adding a flag to your small-diameter wires gives you the space you need for your data, but without the right tools, can slow down your output. Free up your flagging time with the BradyPrinter A5500 Flag Printer Applicator.

Electricians worldwide rely on Brady for labelling wires, electrical panels and other items.
They will ensure that the next generation of electricians is well-equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers.


Here are some examples for portable printers. For industrial tasks that demand the toughest, most efficient labeller, choose the M610 label printer. It easily tackles wire, cable, and component ID, delivering advanced performance even in the field.


Want added durability in an industrial design? Get the BMP41 Label Printer. Reliable for your most detailed work and rugged enough to use daily, it’s a must-have for you!


Perfect match for electrical works is Brady M211. It’s tough, industrial labeller designed to survive and thrive on any worksite. You can get more done all day long with 300 label prints from one full battery charge. Design, preview and print – all from your phone.


Trust your identification by using reliable labels that stay attached to cables and components, and that resist cold, heat, moisture, weathering and other influences. Technical data sheets with label test results are available for each material.


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