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Automated solutions with RFID

How to create automated solutions for your workplace that make your work faster and more efficient? The solution is RFID.

With RFID you can track assets and manage inventories more efficiently in complex industrial environments with fully customisable RFID labels that can fit any surface, like glass, wood, metal, plastic etc. Let us design the optimal RFID labelling solution for you to scan, identify and locate multiple items at once from a distance, and/or 1 by 1 in close proximity.

What you need for a RFID solution:

1. RFID labels that are with industrial grade with a read range adapted to your needs.

2. Readers that deliver the data you need, via apps or software that unlock tactical and strategic benefits for your business.

3. Printers that can quickly create additional RFID labels at your premises.

4. Software integration of our complete RFID solution.

We will support you in selecting the optimal custom RFID label construction for your application, in your environment:

1. Printable surface: Can present your logo, text, serial number or any print on a gloss or matt finish.

2. Label material: Perfectly fits the surface of the items you need to identify and can be supplied in a wide range

of shapes and substrates.

3. Optional sensor: An optional, high performance sensor to capture relevant data such as temperature or moisture levels.

4. RFID inlay: A selection of high performance RFID antennas and chips based on your read range and memory requirements.

5. Adhesive: Selected to stay attached in your application.

6. Label liner: Optimally presents your label for application. We leverage all of its knowledge and capabilities

to provide you with a unique solution that optimally fits your needs.

RFID saves you time, money and your staff’s sanity!

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