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Brady i5300

Get fast and efficient precision printing for high-mix / high-volume labeling. Printer features quick label set up and no-waste material changeovers.

  • 300 dpi; prints small fonts with precision
  • Requires no calibration and no heat and speed setting adjustments
  • 20-second material changeovers, 5.08 mm – 101.6 mm label widths
  • Pauses, resumes and stores print jobs on printer in an adjustable queue with overwrite protection
  • 178 mm colour touchscreen and built-in auto cutter
  • Solid construction with an all-metal frame
  • Intuitive and easy to operate



 Stacker providing a cutter ST400 M
Operated withSQUIX 4.3 M, SQUIX 4 M, SQUIX 4.3 MT, SQUIX 4 MT
Material Width20-100 mm
Material Weight60-300 gr/m2
Material Thickness0,05 – 0,8 mm
Cutting length20-150 mm
Performance100 lõiget/minutis
Printing stops ifLõikuri lõppasend puudub, paberiummistus, kaas avatud, kogumispiirang
Limit of collecting100 mm
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