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Labels used in electronical components need to be small and sometimes withstand high temperatures. or even be electrostatic dissipative.

Inspection Arrows – Pin-point rework areas on printed circuit boards with inspection arrows. The vinyl cloth material provides a tight bond, yet may be easily removed without leaving an adhesive residue.

Static Awareness Labels – These roll-form and card-mounted black-on-yellow or black-on-orange labels alert handlers and users of electronic devices to the possibility of electrostatic damage.

Print and Protect labels are suitable for almost all applications where the highest demand on durability and/or chemical resistance is required.

Extreme Temperature labels can withstand extremely high temperatures (up to 350°C) and are used to identify printed circuit board & electronic components.

Brady’s circular and solder masks are ideal for protecting valuable components and parts during the manufacturing process. Designed for production line applications, the masks are produced in roll form, card or single liner.

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