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Accidents do happen sometimes, so it’s important to be prepared. We have a range of emergency response spill kits to handle any type of spill.

Spill Box

Pads in bright and light reusable plastic box, that can be refilled.

Drums and bins

Containers made specially for sorbents for medium and large spills with adsorption capacity of 57 to 3000 L.
Drums and bins come in many different colors, shapes and sizes.

Economy Spill Kit

Portable kit for fast response to small spills in a high visibility bag.

Attack Pac

Portable single use kit for fast response to small spills.

ADR spill kit

ADR spill kit is designed with the European ADR 2005 agreement in mind.

Thanks to its compact design, the ADR spill kit requires a minimum of storage space, yet contains all the sorbents needed to handle a small spill.

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