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About Us

Signiti started in 1994 by selling electronics components under the name Oxxo Eesti AS. All our clients needed endurable identification solutions. In 1996 we enterd into a contract with one of the world’s most largest companies that produces identification solutions, Brady and got our rights as an official distributor.

In the year 2001, the identification department parted from Oxxo and became a whole new company, EXXI AS. By observing our clients and everyday transactions, we realised, that companies do not want to buy just labels, but they wanted certainty and confidence that their line of production works without any malfunctions. Besides labels, we also started to offer other visual markings (tags for storage, floor marking, evacuation paths, safety signs and so on). Most of our clients used hazardous substances during the production process, so we added supplies from SPC to remove dangerous leaks to our list of products.

We had achieved a reputation amongst our clients, that we can label everything and that it will stay there. But we still had not covered one branch of identification. We didn’t have a simple and fast solution to put labels on fabric. So we decided to sign a contract with Thermopatch to sell their heat-sealing technology. Today we offer our fabric identification solutions to laundry services so that they can print barcodes on clothes that need to be sorted after washing.

In 2011 we changed our name into Signiti. Currently Signiti OÜ is fully based on Estonian capital and employs 7 people. Our turnover is around 1,4 M €.

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