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Brady BBP12

The BBP12 Label Printer is an entry level benchtop label printer for cable, component, product and laboratory sample identification that offers great value for money. The compact BBP12 offers a high print speed of 100 mm/second and can handle a wide range of highly durable and specialised Brady identification labels.

BradyPrinter i3300

BradyPrinter i3300 is completely hassle free, easy to use PC-based printer. Smart chip supplies automatically set up the label in your Brady software. Drop-in ribbon and label cartridges ensure fast and effortless material changes in under 20 seconds. The i3300 label printer can print on a full range of safety and facility label materials as well as die cut labels for wire identification, product identification or laboratory identification.

Brady Workstation

Brady Workstation revolutionizes label and sign creation and printing by allowing you to choose the tools you need and making them simple and efficient to use. Brady Workstation makes designing labels easy and fast.

Choose the apps that you need and try them free for 30 days.

Evacuation & First Aid signs

Evacuation and First Aid signs help clearly direct people to the correct place during an emergency, whether it’s out of the building, to the assembly point or to the first aid equipment. Placing signs at height will enable better visibility from a distance or in the event of a crowd rush.

Photoluminescent signs are also available to help with visibility in the dark.

Fire safety signs

Fire safety signs enable to prevent the spread of fire, because employees and visitors know how to act. Such indication should be placed at intermediate and upper height for optimal visibility under all circumstances.

The photoluminescent version ensures an optimal localisation in the event of sudden darkness, without the need for any external energy source.

Warning signs

Warning signs indicate hazardous conditions. Pointing out the risk areas (electricity, falling, radiation etc.) enables you to reduce the number of accidents that can cause injuries or even death.

Photoluminescent signs are also available.

Prohibition signs

It is important to prohibit access to certain areas, or for some machines or people. This is often necessary to ensure safety or sometimes just for privacy reasons. Clear and correctly placed prohibiton signage help to achieve that.

Photoluminescent signs are also available.

Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs provide information to staff and visitors who are accessing your site as to what is needed to remain safe.

Photoluminescent signs are also available.

Photoluminescent signs

High quality photoluminescent safety signage can be used to clearly mark obstacles or aisles for fast evacuation, even in case of a total blackout. Photoluminescent materials charge themselves, and do not require inspection or maintenance.

A safety evacuation plan makes sure you can get your employees out fast if things go wrong. When an entire office building or production plant goes dark, highly visible safety signage, like photoluminescent signs and markers, increases your chances to get everybody out without injuries.

Maritime signs

Emergency occur every day on ferries, tankers, at airports and on rigs. Emergency situations are unpredictable, so a quick and efficient evacuation is essential for both staff and visitors. For this reason, clear and flexible safety signage is vital.

Maritime signs are effective products designed to offer emergency indications in the most effective way possible under the most difficult circumstances. Glow-in-the-dark signs require no upkeep, have zero maintenance cost and an unlimited lifetime.

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