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Scafftag kontroles rīki

Scafftag is an effective and convenient solution for vehicle, tool and device inspections. It includes a wide variety of special holders and card to ensure maximum safety for everyone involved.

The innovative Brady Inspection Timer can help save lives by clearly showing on machines, equipment and tools when maintenance is needed. Its LED lights grab the attention of users and maintenance professionals alike from a distance and help avoid the use of uninspected or worn out equipment.

The Brady Inspection Timer can be applied directly to almost any machine, equipment or tool either with an adhesive, velcro, magnet, screw or zip ties. At the end of its predetermined inspection time interval, the tag can be reset until the 1 year+ tag battery is spent. A battery status indicator constantly shows how much power is left.

Laddertag displays the latest information relating to a ladders class, inspection period and inspections due. Record unique ladder reference number, intended ladder use, risk assessment period and inspections due. Record up to 12 ladder inspection due date. Laddertag insert contains pre-use checklist.

Laddertag is available in English, Estonian, Russian, Latvian and Lithuanian. RFID chips can be added to Laddertag on request.

The world leading Visual Tagging System for scaffolding to help prevent working at height hazards and manage scaffolding inspection procedures. A Scafftag should be fitted at all access points (normally ladder access) from first build stage and remain on the structure until dismantle. Record all important details relating to the scaffolding build. Record the signature, time and date of up to 12 inspections per insert. Holder loop compatible with both Tube and Clip and System scaffolding.

Forklift inspection system to help control pre-shift inspections, maintenance and identification of forklift trucks. Easy-to-follow pre-use operator checklist. Record up to 42 daily inspections. Attach to forklift by cable tie or adhesive.

The Forkliftag Daily Inspection Booklet is also available and can record up to 252 daily inspections. Fits in our Forkliftag holder. Contains an easy-to-follow pre-use operator guide. Contains Machine Defect Report. Sign and date your inspection checks with any type of pen.

With the Pallet Truck Tag and Powered Pallet Truck Tag, you can increase legal compliance, support better pallet truck checks and share inspection results on the equipment itself to improve pallet truck safety. Our Pallet Truck Tag and Powered Pallet Truck Tag can be attached to pallet trucks for easy inspection and because they can store respectively up to 21 or 31 inspection results and inspector signatures on a removable insert.

Microtag and Nanotag small inspection solutions can be used in many different places from lifting equipment to steps, stools or even tools and machinery. Thanks to small measurements, they won’t get in the way of using equipment, but at the same time are easily noticable.

Multitag is popular for managing production line machinery where control panels have restricted space for attachment of a tag. Ensures machinery operators are aware of equipment status, risks and warnings. Records up to 12 records of Next Inspection Due Date.

Chemtag is a complete hazardous substance status tagging system to help prevent accidents and assist in the immediate response should an incident occur.

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