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LO/TO – noslēdz un marķē

Avoiding work-related accidents is a very important part of the work safety. We have a special LO/TO system to achieve that. Just lock the sources of danger and mark them with instructions.

Electrical device lockouts are developed to secure all types of plugs. Highly effective against the unauthorised or incorrect use of electrical equipment.

A variety of highly visible Lockout Hasps that include labelled and nonconductive options. Brady’s labeled group lockout hasps are a valuable and convenient combination of lockout tag and safety lockout.

Lockouts for any type of valve: ball, gate, butterfly etc. Lockout devices are bright coloured and made from a durable material.

Push-button, rotary and wall switch lockouts are available to prevent unauthorised access to activation points.

It is possible to add an informatoive tag with for every lock with important information: Who is performing maintenance? How long will maintenance take? Safety instructions during maintenance.

Durable industrial padlocks made from metal, steel or nylon. Comes in different colors, materials and shackle sizes.

Possible to have a MASTERKEY system to provide extra protection.

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